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Smart Hospitality - Tender Management

Devlin Consultancy was employed as a part of Smart Hospitality’s tender team when pitching for several key contracts, such as the successful bid for catering and hospitality for Royal Ascot’s, Village complex.

After evaluating the tender opportunity and assessing competitor tenders and venues, Devlin Consulting produced a stage 1 report for the Company Directors, outlining the key milestones, industry intelligence and the deliverable objectives. Thereafter Devlin Consulting guided the progress of the tender team, briefed the design agency on the tender document, edited the tender documentation and ensured all contributors understood its requirements and deadlines.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jayne Devlin on several major projects in the last few years and find her to be an excellent colleague. She possesses great knowledge of what is required to operate successfully in large scale and high end hospitality. She has a range of skills that ensures she is capable of seeing projects through from inception, to planning and then delivery. Jayne is a great planner and works in a very detailed and methodical way that ensures everyone involved knows exactly where they stand. A strong communicator and team player, Jayne always shows great commitment and passion in all that she does."

Robin Bidgood
Managing Director, Smart Hospitality